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Gematriel Simple intense lyrics. Excellent bass lines. Powerful and gripping. Thank you, Solifvgae Favorite track: Fullheart.
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released January 25, 2016

recorded at home studio between july and september in 2015

pre produced by dan joseph and vitor coutinho

produced and mixed by vitor coutinho

mastered by lucas xavier and rogério costa at ph estúdio in campo grande, rj

graphic design and illustration by wellington aquino and felipe veiga (polvo collective)

on avenoir, solifvgae is
vitor coutinho /// victor teixeira /// bruno rodrigues

music and lyrics written and performed by solifvgae



all rights reserved


Solifvgae Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Track Name: Undertow
farewell my father, i’m heading out to search for answers into the deep. the vast unknown awaits me, my new destiny. experiencing the elevation. becoming one with me. forget all you’ve seen before, you are entering the waves. altering the state of mind. transcending rules of men. and now you’ve reached the point of no return. mesmerized, at the edge of your own life. dispose all your fears in the land, leave your memories behind.
Track Name: Fullheart
once trapped inside this world that i have designed, i see the waves are coming, i sense the tides are turning. the walls of this glass castle will enslave me no more. i am no longer afraid of the light, i am no longer embracing demise. i feel like floating into the blackness of my soul, lost inside this inner landscape of mine. dark waters fills my lungs, but i feel no pain. This time i know that i won’t drown. pulse of life, flowing inside, i see beyond human perception. attaining awareness from a spiritual transcendence, breaking from the mental blindness. reconstruction from deconstruction. contemplating my own self. entering the next pathway. never looking back.
Track Name: Pathway
it came back to me, back from a dream, an old forgotten memory. reminding me i still could be free, there was born my moment of clarity. the gray has been washed away, enduring the pain for the sun to rise again. feel the warmth of my touch, and hear my call, lingering trapped, deliver from all. i have seen a million faces, staring into the abyss of mankind. i have been a million places, yet home i couldn’t find. feel the weight of existence, but don’t bend your knees, a pathway ends where another begins. armed with minds finest weapon, new perspective, untie the ropes that once marked my skin. now i can reach much further.
Track Name: Ocean (As Elusive Memories)
your tale is not over yet, it’s easy to go astray, stones fall narrowing the pathway. this is the place, you always wanted to reach. now that you are here, what is in your mind? first in a whisper, then growing louder. stand and rise against the tide. ruler of my destiny, compelling me to move, the ocean that hides inside is the root of all desires. you know what is like to feel the rush of life, boiling streams that flows, inside light that glows. trading certainly for a thousand possibilities. burning will to live. i am trying so hard to find what i lost, thirsty for the truth, longing for my youth. i can see clear finally, nothing will stand against the ocean in me. winning the fight against deterioration, transforming the exhausted soul with the instruments of my ascension.